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It’s All About the Food

Rachael and I met up with Ang for dinner Wednesday night. They graciously agreed to eat at Texas Roadhouse so baby could have her cheese fries (which, by the way, he finished off as soon as I got home!)

I never gave a lot of thought to meeting people you “met” online before except in making fun of my mother-in-law’s ex-husband #5. There is just something about blogs that is different. Sure, they are highly edited—few people reveal everything. But the snippets you do get are very real. I said last year when I met Rachael that she is exactly what I pictured. Ang, also, is exactly who I thought she would be. It didn’t at all feel like meeting someone new. It just felt like joining friends for dinner. Which, I guess, is exactly what it was.

2 Responses to “It’s All About the Food”

  1. Tell the baby thanks for ordering the cheese fries. They were delcious 😉

  2. YOu guys were just what I pictured. Rachael was quieter, but that’s probably because we were babbling about kids so much. 🙂

    It was def. fun. I hope we do it again soon before bebe arrives.

    Oh, and I meant to tell you that you actually look and act a ton like my friend Michelle (who is the one linked in my blog). She should meet with us too. Maybe when she gets the baby.