Just Heather
Pretty purple!

A new addition to the nerve pinching problem—purple legs! I was on my feet a lot on Sunday so I wasn’t at all surprised when my feet swelled and started to hurt. The real concern was when Stacia freaked out because they were bright red and turning the corner to purple. So I proceeded to sit back with my feet propped up for the much of the night.

Yesterday, it happened again. Only this time I hadn’t spent 4 hours standing up while we cleaned out the garage. No, I simply walked from my car to the pharmacy counter and back again. By the time I had walked from the parking lot, to my doctor’s office my feet were dark red again. That’s what caused me to mention it to my doc. Hey, as long as my purple legs are here, she might as well check them out.

Doc believes it is due to the position of the baby. We think she is sitting sideways instead of head up. This is causing the nerve pinching and restriction of blood flow to the lower half of my body. The solution? Sit back and put my feet up. Right. You have, in fact, met my toddler? Not to mention Brownies, Soccer (hey, I can sit for that—too bad my chair doesn’t have one of those handy footstools), and my regular household management duties.

This is painful and a bit of an inconvenience, but not really a problem. Except for that B-word she mentioned. She’s hopeful that the baby is simply working on heading down instead. This is quite a bit earlier than even I had anticipated, though the doctor doesn’t seem overly concerned. She is just planning to keep checking her position and see another ultrasound in 6 weeks. At that time, I’ll have the birthdate for our baby. It will be scheduled, but hopefully just for inducing as planned.

My biggest concern in this is that her size is deceptive. She’s already measuring a week ahead, but if the measurements aren’t actually getting her length she could be a lot bigger. Of course, that’s just yet another reason for the forth ultrasound. My doctor seems to be taking all this rather non-chalantly so I’m trying not to concern myself with the maybes of this. Instead, I’ll put my feet up and let him pamper me. Ha! Last night my feet turned bright red while I washed his clothes, fixed his breakfast sandwich, and packed his lunch. He did, however, toss his extra pillow at me when we got to bed last night. I feel so spoiled.