Just Heather
Moving Right Along

Both girls love to make liars out of me, and apparently this one wants to join in the fun. As soon as I revealed her position to the world (okay, the 3 of you who read this), she just had to move. Not that it’s a bad thing. Last night things just felt funny the way she kept shifting and turning. I think she’s sitting straight now, though I’m hopeful she’s headed the right direction. I can feel her pummeling me along the center of my stomach now, rather than across the way she’s been doing for months. I used to be able to feel her hands using me as a punching bag on one side and her soccer kick on the other.

Of course, this will present new problems. I haven’t had my asthma difficulties with this pregnancy, and now I have figured out that it is because she was not near my lungs. Well, she’s now firmly planted between them so I can enjoy the breathing problems I have endured in the past. Doc will check in two weeks to determine if it’s her head or legs keeping me from inhaling oxygen. A few weeks after that, we’ll have our final ultrasound to schedule her birthday.

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed this move isn’t in anticipation of an early arrival. I would love to not be pregnant anymore, but I would also love to have a full grown, healthy baby. Besides, her room is not even close to ready yet.