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The Potty Problem

The title of this post could easily refer to my own potty problems. I typically have a kid or two tagging along to the toilet or shower. I get to use toilet paper from the pile on the floor since the spinning is so! much! fun! However, this is all about my 3 year old and her most recent shenanigans. We seem to be having a regression problem where the potty training is concerned. I would be much more upset about it if the things that come out of her mouth weren’t so blessed funny.

“I like pooping! I don’t like smelling poop, though.”

“Mommy! My panties are peeing on the floor!”

“The pee all falled out of my butt.” (More specifically, her “front butt.”)

“Oh, Grandmama, I peed on that rug.”

My favorite, though, was watching her run the 50 yards from my mother’s pool to the house, holding her bottom all the way, only to discover she couldn’t open the door with wet hands. Summer activities are just too much fun to give up for something as mundane as peeing in the potty.

2 Responses to “The Potty Problem”

  1. Kelly (also 3) regressed over the weekend and worse at an outdoor party. Well maybe it wasn’t that bad, peeing in someone’s grass can’t be as bad as peeing on their carpet inside.

  2. Oh, we’re going to let our 2 year old run naked all summer until she “learns.”