Just Heather

I’ve been away awhile. I spent a week in my hometown and now I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. It’s been interesting trying to readjust to life with 3 kids at home. Lorelai is getting ready to take off. You can just see in her eyes she’s starting to figure out that she can move. Any day now I won’t be able to keep up with her. For now, she’s still somewhat content to lay around and look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

Those gorgeous eyes that are noticed by everyone. Last week, in my hometown, we went to the Red Skelton festival. At lunch, a very nice man stopped me and told me I had a beautiful baby with gorgeous eyes. A little while later, at the same restaurant, his buddy smiled and waved to me. I’m thinking he knows my dad or something. It happens a lot.

On the way out, I pointed them out to Mom and asked who they were. She told me and said they were in town for the gala tonight. The name didn’t ring a bell. I’m still thinking maybe they know Dad or they’re some local talent. Fast forward to Sunday night back at home.

Hubby is watching a documentary on the most horribly vile, terribly unfunny joke I’d never heard of. I glance up at one point to see these nice men I chatted with. “Oh, my gosh, are those the Smothers Brothers?” Of course they were, and I had absolutely no idea.

One Response to “Clueless”

  1. The Smothers Brothers and Red Skeleton were a few of my grandma’s favorite comedians.

    Welcome home and go Lorelai, go! 😉