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The End of Free Time As We Know It

This afternoon, I was lamenting our fall schedule to hubby. I mentioned that tomorrow was our last free evening for the next two weeks, with the exception of Sunday which is totally clear (though I’m sure that will be filled with leftover home improvement projects). He shrugs it off and decides to go see a movie about snakes on a plane.

Fast forward to this evening while I’m at the grocery store buying ingredients for a nice dinner since this is now our last free evening for 2 weeks. He calls to let me know he’s having dinner with the guys for what ever reason. I have no idea what; I heard the word free and am not genetically engineered to turn it down.

I say, well there goes our free nights for 2 weeks. He is stunned by this statement—which only goes to prove that he never listens to me. I, naturally, am not at all surprised that he didn’t hear me say that very thing just 5 hours prior. Apparently, he thought I was kidding.

If wishes were horses…

One Response to “The End of Free Time As We Know It”

  1. You exaggerate every minute of every day, so how was I supposed to know you weren’t? 😛