Just Heather
Gluten Free Day 2

Today was Lorelai’s second day on her new gluten free diet. I don’t know if it is my wishful thinking or discernible results, but I actually think I’m seeing improvement.

Her naps were much less erratic today than they ever have been. Normally, she takes 3-4 naps of around 1-1.5 hour each. Today she took 2 good naps, totaling about 3.5 hours. Plus, hubby reports that she wasn’t overly tired at bedtime, though she did go right to sleep.

Her diapers have never been a real issue, which is why the celiac disease discussion was set aside at first. However, it has always been incredibly obvious when she was filling a diaper. That crap takes a lot of work! Today, she was dirty twice and we didn’t even notice until she suddenly smelled bad.

The last notable change could be an utter coincidence. Her development is not too off, but she is on the tail end of most milestones. However, there is no way to tell when she would have pulled to standing on her own anyway, though there is the chance that she was able to stand in her crib today because she has more energy than usual.

Still no word on her labs, but I’m encouraged by the progress we’re alredy seeing.