Just Heather
Gluten Free Day 3

Today was Lorelai’s 3rd full gluten free day. It came with improved health, more energy, and excellent news from her doctor. Her lab results came back today and doc reports she is not celiac. Because she has shown improvements on gluten free, we—which includes her doctor—are keeping her gluten free for at least the next couple months.

At her 1-year checkup, she’ll be weighed, measured, poked and prodded. He’ll then refer her to an allergist who will poke and prod some more to determine what [other] foods cause allergy symptoms. For now we’re thinking dairy and wheat, but it could boil down to something more specific or completely different under further testing.

I’m happy that it is not the lifelong disease that is celiac, but I don’t like not knowing what is causing her problems. It’s become obvious over the last few days that going gluten free is beneficial to her, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter what the official cause is. At least now there is still the slightest chance that whatever it is could be something she’ll outgrow.