Just Heather
The Way Back Machine

So once upon a time, before it was cool, I had a MySpace account. Last night, I signed up for a new one. Hubby mentioned it for some reason, and when I realized he was finding high school classmates I decided to give it a try.

So far I’ve found my junior high/high school best friend, a good friend from college, and an ex-boyfriend. This is so much fun! I’m hoping this will give me the opportunity to reconnect with some people I once held dear. In particular, I am looking for my college best friend, but I haven’t managed to locate him yet.

I uploaded my favorite family picture (the one where I sport the bodacious ta-tas!), but I haven’t filled out the profile. I have exactly 1 friend, and it isn’t Tom. My first friend looks remarkably like my husband. 😉