Just Heather
Are you ready for some football?

A few quotes from today’s game:

  • “Hey, look! He’s doing the slow run!” ~Brenia during a slow motion replay
  • “Oh my gosh! Someone dyed their hair blue!” ~Stacia
  • “Can you pause football for me?” ~Brenia
  • “Football is really violent.” ~Stacia
  • “Nothing. I was talking to Reggie Wayne.” ~that would be me

One Response to “Are you ready for some football?”

  1. Which game did you watch? Being in Carolina we are devoted Panthers fans. If you saw that game then you will fully understand if I just say that the last attempt at making a touchtown by our beloved Panthers and the subsequent interception really caused an uproar here – by the kids, who knew exactly what happened (they all grew up with football), and by the parents. My middle daughter walked around for hours talking about how upset she was by that play.

    Ah football… Sunday afternoon family time. We like to play a boardgame or something while we have the game on too. It keeps the kids interested in watching the game without getting too bored in between plays. 🙂