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I know I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately, but I have a really good excuse reason. First, I spent 6 months poisoning my child. Then I spent 3 months trying to figure out what exactly I was poisoning her with. I’ve spent the last month trying to figure out how not to poison her now that she’s too old for the simplicity of baby food.

Now that she’s 1, it’s just a bit harder than opening a Gerber jar. The look on her face when her aunt ate pizza right in front of her just broke my heart. One of our holiday meals this year is pizza so I’ll be introducing her to the goodness of rice crust pizza very shortly. At least she can handle dairy now so it won’t have to include soy cheese too. Speaking of holidays, I’m nearly finished shoppping. I haven’t wrapped a thing yet so that will be fun.

The Princess’s birthday is next week. She has requested a Christmas party for her birthday (after years of trying to separate her December birthday from the holiday). That’s on Saturday, which meant decorations had to go up sooner than usual. All that’s left is the tree. I was hoping that would get done tonight, but apparently me saying 4 times “We need to put the tree up tonight.” wasn’t enough of a hint to get him to actually do it while I was at the store buying tape for the aforementioned wrapping.

After that begins the parties, caroling with scouts, choir concerts, and other assorted holiday requirements. The world family tour starts on the 22nd and runs straight through the 26th. It’s back to back, but at least it’s only 1 a day this year which should make it a bit more relaxed. Shortly after that will be our oldest’s 9th birthday.

Posting will be light—if not nonexsistent—for the next month or so.

I got a pressure cooker a few weeks ago and have since made nearly every family dinner in it—quick and easy is definitely my style. Tonight I decided to try chili because every recipe I read said it should take 5 minutes. That’s not a typo—5 minutes—not 2-3 hours.

It turned out pretty well, though I think it could have used more liquid. It would have turned out even better had the signal for “dinner’s ready” not been an explosion. The gasket broke and quickly released 15 pounds of pressure—along with a wee bit of chili. My stove is a nice orange color at the moment.

The explosion caused quite a commotion at casa de Sokol. The girls squealed and ducked under a blanket. I watched closely for the steam to evaporate and rushed to turn off the heat. My dear, sweet hubby rushed to open the door. I didn’t burn dinner!

I just blew it up a bit.


Jamie Oliver is my new favorite chef. Not that I previously had a favorite chef, but I ♥ him. It’s just too bad The Naked Chef is a play on words.

I am not an organized person, but schedules I can do and do well. I write it down immediately in my calendar and I count backwards to figure out when I need to start getting ready and/or corralling kids. I’m rarely late on my own, though 3 kids and a husband who don’t know or care about my schedule often change that.

All this to say, if you tell me a time I’ll be there. Or, in the case of a morning bus stop, I’ll have my kid there. Our bus stop time is 8:20am, as per the postcard mailed prior to school. It states all times plus or minus 5 minutes so the time in my head and on my calendar is 8:15am. The bus has come earlier and earlier each week since school begain. Recently it has occasionally driven by as early as 8:10 with my child not on it. The last two times this has happened I have left messages with the transportation director.

Today I also called the scheduler/dispatcher. I just received a return call from my daughter’s bus driver letting me know that the bus stop time was changed several weeks ago to 8:12am. Doing the math? That means the bus can come as early as 8:07—a full 13 minutes earlier than the officially scheduled time. When asked why no one was notified of the time change, he said “They don’t usually do that.”

What the heck?! Needless to say, our entire morning routine will have to be revamped around the idea that the bus could come long before it should. Kids will be getting up earlier, getting less sleep and being crankier at home. This makes for a lovely start to each morning, not to mention the rest of the day! However, had they simply called or sent out a second postcard with the time change I would be much less cranky myself.

Or not. I really like sleep.

My baby girl turned 1 today. It’s been a bittersweet day. On the one hand, I’m so glad she is healthy and growing now. On the other hand, she’s growing so fast! Faster than most kids since she’s not only growing, but catching up on lost growth too. I think knowing she’s my last (yes, dear, my last) makes it harder.

She’s still so tiny that it’s hard to let go and remember she’s not a vulnerable little baby anymore. One glimpse of her stubborn independence reminds you quite quickly. She doesn’t yet walk, but she ventures further on her knees than she ever dared before. She has a handful of words, and clearly understands many more.

I love hearing the words a baby latches onto. It’s all a matter of importance. Ma-ma, Da-da—those are forced on them from birth. Nigh-nigh is learned quite quickly as babies tire so easily. “Mo” (means more—food, that is), “dog-dog,” “touchdown,” “down” and “all gone” were learned in order of importance.

It just doesn’t seem possible that she could be one. Wasn’t it just the other day that we brought her home from the hospital? And now, look at her:

Lorelai, age 1

Lorelai, age 1