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Why does it seem that doctors are more interested in labeling symptoms than finding a proper diagnosis? I am finding this a lot in relation to celiac disease. So many people come to the gluten free lifestyle after years of being diagnosed as a variety of things that are really just symptoms of a disease that has a complete turnabout with a gluten free diet. Of course, the doctors and pharmacies don’t make any money if I simply eat right, do they?

Celiac Disease is listed as one of the top disease doctors miss because they are too busy labeling our symptoms. Constant tummy issues? Irritable Bowel Syndrome (syndrome, not a disease—there has to be a cause somewhere). Extreme fatigue—we’ll call that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not bother to find out why. Anemia—wouldn’t the iron deficiency be caused by something?

We are still working out Lorelai’s iron deficiency. She used to get her iron from formula (on occasion) and fortified breads & cereals. Now she is gluten free and can’t seem to handle meat either. No iron for her. The only things she can stomach that are slightly higher in iron are sweet potatoes and raisins—both of which she loves. They seem to be helping with her energy levels, but the diapers are not so pretty. I think we’ll have to start a baby vitamin.

At least we have an answer for Lorelai. So many people still don’t have answers for their issues, including many in my own family. Considering the genetic link for celiac disease I’m sure I know their answer, but they don’t seem to want it. They’d rather take a variety of medications or deal with stomach pains and other issues than live a healthy, happy life without bread.

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  1. Isn’t moderend medicine a pain?? It’s got to be sooo frustrating, especially with a toddler who can’t verbalize what’s going on inside her! Can she still drink formula to get the iron she needs?? Or I guess a vitamin or two would do it as well. Yikes!