Just Heather

Last Thursday, my mom lectured me about 5 times because I went to the store in cutoff sweats and a t-shirt. She says I’m not allowed to dress like that anymore because I am a “television personality.” I say, this is my personality!

On Friday, I took my oldest to a High School Musical 2 party with 2 of her friends. While they were playing a game, someone came up to me and said, “This is going to sound really weird, but are you on the news?” The girls thought that was really cool. Well, two of them did. My own daughter thought it was “embarrassing,” but I’m pretty used to that.

When I called my mom to tell her I got recognized she asks what I am wearing!

2 Responses to “Recognize”

  1. Yup….that’s something MY Mom would do as well. She’s the one who also lets me know when I’ve gained some weight. Moms….they tell us like it is, eh?