Just Heather
Maxed Out

I am pretty much maxed out around here. I feel like my entire life is a credit card and I’m only able to make minimum payments. I have learned to say no when necessary, but there is so much I want to do. Then come the things I need to do. Not to mention things I have to do, but really don’t want to. I feel like Stretch Armstrong (which, by the way, was totally the coolest 80s toy ever—until we broke him and all the stretchable goo fell out).

My weekly schedule:

Monday: Library Toddler Story Hour (Lorelai)
Teach Kids in the Kitchen Class (through October)
Errands (bank, post office, etc)
Girl Scout Leader meetings (once a month)
Tueday: Girl Scouts (Stacia & Brenia—alternating weeks)
Volunteer Work (copies at one school; kindergarten dismissal at another)
PTO Meeting (once a month)
Wednesday: Work at home
Calligraphy Class (Stacia)
Thursday: News Team (Stacia)
Work at home
Grocery Shopping
Friday: Work—News Segment
PTO Meeting (once a month)
Saturday: Pharmacy Shopping
Neighborhood Craft Club (once a month)
Sunday: Work at home

Part of that is having kids at two different schools. Part of that is a need for a little extra money. I’m only teaching the cooking class because I’m getting paid, though I think it is going to be a lot of fun. In addition, I am babysitting a toddler a few days a week. I’m running out of room in the schedule for things like laundry and dishes.

Which would go a long way towards explaining why my family is running out of things like clean socks and forks.