Just Heather
When Worlds Collide

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. I journaled my thoughts in a not-so-private diary, shared funny quotes from my kids and posted pictures for the world to see. There was no real purpose to any of it. My hubby started it, really, and I just randomly posted now and then. Before I knew what was happening, I was entrenched in the world of blogging—making connections, meeting friends and enjoying debates. It was a world I had grown to love, and even though I shared much of my life there, it was completely separate from my real world.

Not too much later, I started a business that I loved. It grew, changed and threw me in the public eye. This blog was a place where I could be “Just Heather”, but suddenly I wasn’t just anything. I became that girl on the news. That’s when things started to fall apart for me here. There were things I couldn’t say and subjects I shouldn’t discuss as I was now someone in the public eye.

Enter Facebook. I’ve been a member since the day it was opened to the public, but it’s reserved for people I actually know. My sisters invited me and it seemed like a great way to keep up on their lives. Through Facebook, I found  childhood friends, my college girls with who I had lost touch and reconnected with out-of-state cousins I haven’t seen in years. I could not be a better advocate for Facebook, but it isn’t the same.

Next came Twitter. Oh, how I love Twitter. I may not be as obvious about my Twitter love as some people, but I’m pretty much an addict. I can use Twitter through Facebook and update Facebook through Twitter. That’s where I thought it would end, but I’m finally learning to use Twitter as it was intended. I’m once again making connections, finding friends and enjoying the conversations. I’ve found old-time blog friends, discovered new blogs and realized how much I missed my little blog world.

However, I couldn’t just dive back in to blogging. My business is again growing and changing and I’m still (somewhat) in the public eye. Instead of resisting that concept, I’m ready to roll with it. Instead of trying to find a way to separate the personal and business, I’m learning to connect them. Sure, there are still things I won’t share with everyone, but I think the community and spirit of blogging will be restored anyway.

So, I’ve dusted off the ol’ blogroll, cleared a few cobwebs and redecorated a bit (thanks, babe!). My blog is now officially ready for company, but please call before you stop by my home. I’ve been neglecting it far too long.

2 Responses to “When Worlds Collide”

  1. [gently knocks on front door]

    Hi Sweetie, it’s me.

    [quietly enters]

    It’s SO NICE to see you here and the place looks absolutely gorgeous. Then again, I always thought that of you, too. Welcome back, my friend!