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Blog Indiana Day 2: Speaker Q&A

Live Blogging Speaker/Twitter Panel Q&A

Chris Brogan
Amy Stark
Krista Neher
Chris Baggott
Chris Lucas

This appears to be the official Chris panel, but they are also very fascinating tweeps. Clearly, I’ll have to label their answers by last name. Looking forward to hearing what they have to say. I’m not sure I’ll be able to capture it well in this format, but I’ll certainly try. This is not at all a full transcript, nor is it word for word because I’m not a stenographer. I’ve tried to capture the best quotes on the questions that most interested me.

Q. (BradJWard): Blogging is dead? The conversation has left the blogosphere? Discuss.
Brogan: “Knitting is not dead 100 years later, nor is blogging 8 years later.”
Baggott: Companies are trying to get more human.
Lucas: As marketers, you get tired of your stuff long before the market does. People are willing to write things off as dead before they see the real impact. You can’t get bored with a tool before you have conquered it.
Neher: The key to a successful campaign is to integrate all the tools. A blog can be a really great centerpiece to a good campaign.
Stark: Blogging is great for marketing, but it’s really customer service. Too often we put social media in the PR/Marketing department when it really should be in customer service.

Q. (audience): Chris Brogan, on your earlier keynote you mentioned sharing information and rolodex. For the sake of argument, if I have Senators and supermodels, I should really just give those out?
Brogan: Not everybody should know everybody, but you should share contacts with people who need to have them. If you know someone who could benefit or should have the ear of a senator and you know one, please share.

Q. (audience): In light of the review issue and IZEA’s new sponsored tweets, how do you feel about disclosure?
Brogan: I’m all for it.
Stark: Full disclosure.
Brogan: Full frontal disclosure!
Stark: My brother owns Beef & Boards and they’re competing on RTV6 A-List. When I tweeted the link to vote, I stated that this is my brother, please vote for him.

Q. (indymojo): Lots of talk of twitter spam. Where is the line between spam and business/personal account with promotions?
Lucas: One thing you can do is have a personal account and a separate business account. Our biz account has a specific goal and its intent is to let people know what is going on with the company. You can integrate some of it on your personal account, but know your audience to know what level is too much.
Stark: Your work is part of who you are so it would be inauthentic to not share what you do.
Neher: If it’s not something you would do in the real world, don’t do it online. There’s a place for promoting your business, but it comes out overtime.
Brogan: The difference between spam and promoting business in relationships is when.

Q. (audience): Start doing anything well and the haters come out. Does that make your shit burn?
Brogan: People tend to see the internet as not human. I just ignore it.
Stark: I think the worst insult in social media is ignore. If you talk about the haters, you’re giving them power. Ignore!
Neher: I think it depends why they’re hating you. If it’s misinformation, you can correct that. If they just hate you because they want to, you can get upset about it or you can ignore it.

Live Tweet Wall Questions that went unanswered:

Q. (mooshinindy): Do you feel all blogs have some sort of intrinsic value? Or are some just douchebaggery?

Q. (mamacita): As an internet liason/social media team member for a business, what should my top priority be? What to do first each day?

Q. (rmpuckett): Where does this panel think twitter is going? I frequently hear folks predict that it will continue to exist “in some form.”

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  1. The thing that makes twitter different from all other social media platforms is its simplicity. Twitter may be gone if a few months but something like it will pop up: an easy to use, mobile friendly platform that operates under the KISS principle = Keep it Simple Stupid. I read earlier this week that “facebook lite” is coming out, and they just bought friendfeed so maybe that’s where it’s headed. Who Knows? Anyone who tries to predict things on the Internet should not be trusted because it changes too quickly.