Just Heather
Blog Indiana Day 2: Syndication Strategies

Live Blogging Session #3

Marcia Taylor, Newstex

Blurring of Mass Media:
Mainstream journalists who vblog
Bloggers have moved to media outlets
Corporations are blogging
Twitter is breaking news before CNN.
Blogs are now mainstream.
Newspapers are now providing more material on their blogs than in their print medium.

Syndication—when things have a life outside of itself.
Blogs –>RSS, Email newsletters, ???

Types of Syndication
Free or Bartered—no monetary payment, but blogs can find benefit from added exposure
Ad-Supported—paid a percentage of revenue from the websites where your content appears
Licensed—distributed with copyright, licensing, royalties

The rest of this session was basically a sales presentation on her company. This is where I zoned out and played on Twitter & Facebook instead. Why can’t I remember to click Uno when I’m playing on Facebook? I am never going to win this game.