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L is for Chicago (Again)

When we first started planning our alphabet dating ideas, L was one of the first things we decided on—laser tag. But, when the time came and the opportunity to go to Chicago came up, it didn’t take much to get me to change my mind. There’s always T…

And, I love Chicago.

I also love the hubby, despite his oddities. Or, maybe because of them. I don’t know. Anyway, that kind of became the theme of the weekend—Love Me Anyway. I drug him along to a blogging conference, introduced him to strangers and forced him to be—gasp!—social. He made me sit through a 5 hour geek-a-thon.

Okay, so Paul and Storm were heavily featured, but it was called W00tstock and included serious geekery I didn’t understand in the slightest. I just keep telling him I’m not a real geek. I only speak it, on occasion. But, I did enjoy my weekend.

It’s nice to take a peek at what he’s into now & then. I worried it would reinforce our differences, but we were pretty relaxed about it and just let one another be. That’s truly been our saving grace all along.

He’s always been fabulous about letting me be who I am and do what I need to figure it all out. I need a way to unwind after a long day? He’ll handle a load of laundry while I take a bubble bath. I need to vent with a girlfriend? He’ll put the kids in bed while I have a cosmo with MFJ.

I don’t always get him. I don’t always agree with him. I don’t always want to do the things he does. But, I do always love him and recognize that it’s important to him do these things anyway—with or without me.

We just need to find more ways to be who we are together.

One Response to “L is for Chicago (Again)”

  1. Aww, how beautiful! The last line is the key – being who you are, together. I’ve known my husband 23 years. We’ve been married 16. My grandparents were married 53 years. My auntie Emma (grandma’s sister) and Uncle Joe were married almost 60. My auntie Minnie (again, grandma’s sister) and Uncle Bucky were married 62 years. My uncle Herman (grandma’s brother) and aunt Nancy have been married 60+ years. They’ve given me lots of great advice on how to make it work. But my uncle Joe demonstrated what true love is – For his 75th birthday I threw him a little party and asked him what his favorite cake is and he said carrot cake. So the party comes and out comes this carrot cake I slaved over to make for the first time. And he doesn’t eat one bite. After it was over, I asked if he didn’t like it or if I made it wrong. And that’s when told me ‘the secret’ – he hates carrot cake but it was my Auntie Emma’s favorite. He did it for her. His favorite was whatever made his beloved happy. Sappy, I know but they now you know ‘the secret’ to 60+ years of a happy marriage.