Just Heather

I have been actively reading, but not commenting or posting to my own blog lately. It has been a combination of activities, stress and taboo topics, but here are a few highlights:

  • Kids grow too fast.
  • Toddler + laptop = broken shift key
  • I have something huge I would so love to share, but it has to be a secret for the foreseeable future. I know there are people who read here that have contact with my family (plus, on very rare occasions my family actually reads for themselves). It’s nothing bad, quite the opposite, but it needs to be kept from them for now.
  • It’s super easy to lose touch with old friends, but not very much fun. It makes it hard emotionally to lose those connections. I’ve recently reconnected with a few people from my past. I’m so glad to be back in touch with people I was once close to.
  • Speaking of emotional, my grandma died 4 years, 2 weeks and 2 days ago today. It doesn’t get easier.
  • If I never had to see my mother-in-law again, it would be entirely too soon. Unfortunately, never comes on Saturday.
  • The wee one is officially up to the 50th percentile, and just when I start to wonder if it is coincidence or if the gluten free diet is truly worth it, a box of Girl Scout cookies confirms the lifestyle.
  • Potty training a toddler with GI issues is next to impossible.
  • Potty training a toddler who refuses to wear diapers and takes hers off every chance she gets is completely necessary.
  • This list is less random than I thought.
  • My new 40-before-40 list is totally random, but not yet full. I’m only about halfway to 40. Then I can start chipping away at crossing them off.

Jamie Oliver is my new favorite chef. Not that I previously had a favorite chef, but I ♥ him. It’s just too bad The Naked Chef is a play on words.

As my sisters and I gathered around the calming vibrations bouncy seat to ooh and ahh over Her Royal Cuteness, middle sis proved she is, indeed, a natural blonde. We’re all silently admiring the beautiful sleeping baby when she suddenly blurts out, “I wish I had a vibrator!”

You know what she’s getting for Christmas.

I giggle at one aisle every, single time I shop at my favorite grocery store. Yet, somehow I just keep forgetting to pass it on. They have recently reorganized the store and gotten all new signage. One sign—above the aforementioned aisle—reads:


I don’t embarrass easily so when people are sharing their most embarrassing moments, I’m not really able to contribute. Things that should embarrass me—like finding hubby behind me when I’ve just finished singing Steve’s Silly Hat song, complete with the dance—don’t even faze me.

For my would-be embarrassing moments, I have so far been lucky enough to be alone—like cowering under a table armed with a fly swatter peering out at a giant wasp. Of course, had I not been alone that one would have never happened. I would have simply ran out of the house while someone else disposed of the alien wasp.

Then there was the time I was halfway to a friend’s house—sans kids—when I realized the cd I had been singing along to was Elmopalooza. These are things people would never know. That is until I out myself—which I would never do if it would embarrass me. I guess I’m just not that kind of person.

So I’m staring at my Literati tiles for like 5 minutes, wishing that ‘B’ was really a ‘P’ so I would have the greatest word ever—triple word score, double word score, double letter scores, and bonus for using all my tiles. Then it hits me—’braising’ is in fact a real word.

I’m thinking I should play only mindless games at 2 a.m. Thanks, Mir, for giving me something to think about in the middle of the night!

  • “Santa loves venison” on a restaurant placard does not make me want to eat there. Instead, I have this creepy vision of Santa lounging by the fireplace with Rudolph’s head mounted above.
  • Muncie, Indiana may be a hell hole, but I still like to visit just so I can get on I-69 South to come home.
  • 69 Liquors is a really funny name for a store.
  • Papa Murphy’s pizza rocks—even if I do have to cook it myself.
  • From the bathtub, fireworks exploding from down the street sound a lot like my husband falling off his skateboard onto his ass.
  • Wearing pants that you grab from a stack of clothes needing returned because they were too small will make you so happy that you will not bother to yell at aforementioned hubby for not drying your jeans when you asked him very nicely.
  • This is very helpful if you already yelled at him for 11 minutes on the phone earlier in the day because he invited his mother to dinner.

Eating half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips will make you sick. Why do they call them semi-sweet?