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Live Blogging Session #5

Pat East Hanapin Marketing

How To:

Step 1 – follow the right people.

Step2 – engage and interact with them

Step3 – take it offline

What qualifies as a deal?

Anything that dramatically moves the business forward:

Anything that directly generates revenue

Anything that indirectly generates revenue and is just one step away from generating revenue

Anything newsworthy and/or helps grow business

Follow the right people

Choose your area of expertise; informs your target audience—follow people in that area.

Use Twitter search for keywords and locations

Follow people you know and people you want to know.

Engage and Interact

Be valuable: don’t think “what are you doing,” think “what would people find interesting?”

Respond to @mentions

Don’t worry about seeing every single tweet that passes by – if you are following enough people in a niche someone will retweet the important stuff.

Be specific. Just because they’re following doesn’t mean they’re listening. Stay at least 75% on-topic.

Take it offline

Contact them – meet for coffee, meet for lunch, meet at a conference

Pick and choose targets – select those you have interacted with before on Twitter

Reverse the process and take it online – follow people you meet on Twitter

Tactics for More Influence

Influence is more than quantity, it’s quality

Follow the people your friends follow

Add to the conversation: Tweet about what others are talking about (don’t just repeat or RT, add your own thoughts)

TwitTemperature.com measures how much you’re talking about things that are hot topics

Start a conversation: Tweet what others aren’t talking about but should be

Make people think

Always follow those you’ve met offline

Keep your eyes open

Follow local people