Just Heather
The Brother’s Girlfriend Part II

I spent some more time with The Girlfriend this weekend. It was a little more relaxed since it was in the context of “my little sister’s friend” instead of “my brother’s girlfriend.” My sister is in the Bahamas this week for Spring Break with some friends. They stopped by my parents’ house Saturday night to spend the night, swap my dad cars, and have breakfast before driving to Florida. I didn’t find out until they were almost there that Leslie was one of the friends.

That made it better. There was no time to panic and work myself up into a “I-can’t-believe-this-is-what-I’m-wearing-when-my-brother’s-girlfriend-comes-over” frenzy. I was relaxed. Almost cool. The five of us spent a few hours just hanging out in the kitchen talking. I like her a lot. He seems to be more than semi-serious about her. If she can tolerate him through the summer—when he works hard and is at his finest—I just might get a sister-in-law someday.