Just Heather

Maternity clothes suck. Nevermind the fact that they most often come in colors and designs more resembling a circus tent than any actual fashion. They don’t seem to be designed by anyone who has ever carried a child.

Supposedly, you buy your normal size in the maternity line. They are supposed to be made to grow with your belly. What these moronic—and obviously male—designers fail to take into account is the fact that your boobies and your ass grow in direct proportion to your belly. So you don’t tip over.

I find myself most often wearing hubby’s sweat pants with his t-shirts or the few maternity tops that will stretch across my ever-expanding chest. This is not incredibly flattering, but at least I’m comfortable.

Five more weeks. Then I can go back to my regular clothes—at least the ones that will stretch across the milk jugs.

I think it should be completely illegal to get sick when you are already pregnant. It’s just plain not fair to have tons of shit to deal with for 9 months straight and still get the nastiest cold ever! I woke up Sunday morning feeling completely clogged and scratchy. Now a fever has replaced my voice. There’s just too much to do for me to be napping all day. Not to mention a toddler who wouldn’t allow it anyway.

I think I am mostly prepared as far as stuff goes. I’ve sure spent a lot of money. Serenity was a big key—and the biggest expense—in going from 2 to 3 children. I least I’m no longer stressing over how to get my baby home from the hospital with her big sisters.

She has no room to come home to, but even if that didn’t get done it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s not like she’ll really use it at first anyway. I’ll nurse so a cradle right next to me is so much easier than getting up every hour or two and walking across the house. I wanted it done by the end of this month, even though I’m not due for 7 or 8 weeks, to help the girls get used to the transition. Right now the “nursery” is a combination office/storage room/battleground or something like that.

I had hoped to get some work done on it yesterday. And by that I meant I’d sit on the bed and tell him where to put things. Instead I camped out on the couch right after Stacia’s soccer game until someone mentioned dinner. After which, I promptly returned to my horizontal position. We only have 1 soccer game this weekend so maybe something will get done then. In the meantime, I’ll lay around, do nothing, and whine about how nothing is getting done. It seems to be working well for me.

Maybe it will give me some time to surf around and find my Mixmania sender. I received an interesting mix. It fits well with the driving theme considering the name I chose for my new vehicle. It’s all classical and operatic—very serene.

This mix forces me to—once again—admit my musical ineptitude. I don’t know a single song on it. That should make tracking down its originator a bit difficult, though I’m guessing not many people went classical. I’m looking forward to finding the track list. I used to listen solely to classical on study days in college. It was the only way to focus on what I was doing. Lyrics were too distracting and silence only allowed dorm sounds in. In my daily life now, I rarely have cause to focus in the same way so I’ve not listened to much classical since Brenia would only fall asleep to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sendada.

Both girls love to make liars out of me, and apparently this one wants to join in the fun. As soon as I revealed her position to the world (okay, the 3 of you who read this), she just had to move. Not that it’s a bad thing. Last night things just felt funny the way she kept shifting and turning. I think she’s sitting straight now, though I’m hopeful she’s headed the right direction. I can feel her pummeling me along the center of my stomach now, rather than across the way she’s been doing for months. I used to be able to feel her hands using me as a punching bag on one side and her soccer kick on the other.

Of course, this will present new problems. I haven’t had my asthma difficulties with this pregnancy, and now I have figured out that it is because she was not near my lungs. Well, she’s now firmly planted between them so I can enjoy the breathing problems I have endured in the past. Doc will check in two weeks to determine if it’s her head or legs keeping me from inhaling oxygen. A few weeks after that, we’ll have our final ultrasound to schedule her birthday.

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed this move isn’t in anticipation of an early arrival. I would love to not be pregnant anymore, but I would also love to have a full grown, healthy baby. Besides, her room is not even close to ready yet.

A new addition to the nerve pinching problem—purple legs! I was on my feet a lot on Sunday so I wasn’t at all surprised when my feet swelled and started to hurt. The real concern was when Stacia freaked out because they were bright red and turning the corner to purple. So I proceeded to sit back with my feet propped up for the much of the night.

Yesterday, it happened again. Only this time I hadn’t spent 4 hours standing up while we cleaned out the garage. No, I simply walked from my car to the pharmacy counter and back again. By the time I had walked from the parking lot, to my doctor’s office my feet were dark red again. That’s what caused me to mention it to my doc. Hey, as long as my purple legs are here, she might as well check them out.

Doc believes it is due to the position of the baby. We think she is sitting sideways instead of head up. This is causing the nerve pinching and restriction of blood flow to the lower half of my body. The solution? Sit back and put my feet up. Right. You have, in fact, met my toddler? Not to mention Brownies, Soccer (hey, I can sit for that—too bad my chair doesn’t have one of those handy footstools), and my regular household management duties.

This is painful and a bit of an inconvenience, but not really a problem. Except for that B-word she mentioned. She’s hopeful that the baby is simply working on heading down instead. This is quite a bit earlier than even I had anticipated, though the doctor doesn’t seem overly concerned. She is just planning to keep checking her position and see another ultrasound in 6 weeks. At that time, I’ll have the birthdate for our baby. It will be scheduled, but hopefully just for inducing as planned.

My biggest concern in this is that her size is deceptive. She’s already measuring a week ahead, but if the measurements aren’t actually getting her length she could be a lot bigger. Of course, that’s just yet another reason for the forth ultrasound. My doctor seems to be taking all this rather non-chalantly so I’m trying not to concern myself with the maybes of this. Instead, I’ll put my feet up and let him pamper me. Ha! Last night my feet turned bright red while I washed his clothes, fixed his breakfast sandwich, and packed his lunch. He did, however, toss his extra pillow at me when we got to bed last night. I feel so spoiled.

I’ve been having severe pains right about my pelvic bone. Not all the time. Just when I’m sitting, standing, or walking—oh, and sometimes when I lay down. You’d think having spent more than 2 years pregnant I would have seen everything, but this was new. I talked to my doctor about yesterday because I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. She said it is pinched nerves from the way the baby is sitting. As the baby grows and moves it will either go away or get worse. Gee, thanks, doc.

It is apparently perfectly normal even though it’s all new to me. I am to keep an eye on it though because this sort of nerve pinching can trigger contractions and early labor. Nice. As if the little Braxton-Hicks I have all the time weren’t scary enough. Now I have to worry about the two combining to create the real thing. As much as I would like for this pregnancy to be over right now, I don’t want anything to happen until she’s done cooking.

I had my glucose test yesterday. I got to drink the orange goo. It may look like orange soda, but it tastes nothing like Sunkist. And everyone knows that’s the only orange soda worth drinking. Anything else is just vile.

With my first pregnancy I got addicted to Sunkist. I had to cut down on caffeine and there’s very little in orange soda. This time around I completely lost my taste for it. Instead, I started craving Mountain Dew. Luckily, I am allowed to have a bit. I have to keep it limited, but the only real side effect during pregnancy is low birth weight. I don’t think that will be too much of a problem, considering the 9 and 10 pound kids I tend to pop out.

Though baby’s size is down slightly. She’s only measuring 2 days ahead now, as opposed to 9. My doctor wants to do another ultrasound at 36 weeks so we can see just how early I can go. We are officially down to a double digit countdown!

I haven’t updated in awhile, partly due to the blog upgrades, but mostly because it’s SSDD around here. If you want to know what I’ve been going through, read a list of “possible” pregnancy symptoms/side-effects. Check all of the above. I’m all over every, single disgusting, annoying pregnancy-related issue—most of which you don’t want to hear about, even if you did purposefully visit a pregnancy blog.

I always feel so guilty about how much I hate pregnancy, knowing as I do how many women would give anything to be in my shoes. I attempt to relish the moment, but I mostly find myself counting down the days. I couldn’t tell you what month I’m in, but I can tell you I have 15 weeks to go! Less, really, since at last measurement little Lorelai was looking about 9 days ahead of schedule. My doctor has promised to induce early and I’m going to hold her to it.

I can’t wear any of my clothes and have gained twice as much weight as my doctor says I should have. Yet people just keep saying “you don’t even look pregnant!” Is that supposed to be some sort of compliment? Um, thanks. Good to know I just look fat.