Just Heather

Last night, Brenia left on her first “big girl” trip. She is spending the week with my parents. This is something she has done before, but only with her big sister along to keep her company. When she found out Stacia wasn’t going, she said no. Then I reminded her of all the fun she has at Grandma’s house—going to the park, swimming in the hot tub, seeing her aunt & uncle. We talked about the trip all week, with Brenia getting excited and Stacia getting upset about missing her.

Yesterday was the big day and as we’re getting ready to pack the suitcase, we had the following conversation:

Brenia: You tummy?
Me: My tummy? The baby is in my tummy.
Brenia: NO! You tummy?
Me: What?
Brenia: You tumming?
Me: Oh! Am I coming? Am I coming where?
Brenia: Mama’s.
Me: No. Mommy’s not coming with you.
Brenia: Oh, man.
Me: You get to go by yourself like a big girl.
Brenia: Myself? Oh, no. (long pause) My wuv park!

As soon as my parents arrived, Brenia looks them right in the eye and says “Park. Morrow.” Of course, it is supposed to rain today so the park is out. They’ll have to find an indoor substitute. Thoughts of the playground are all that’s keeping the apprehension at bay.

When the time came she wheeled her suitcase out proud as can be, climbed into her carseat, and was ready to go with barely a wave. Stacia cried, and I hugged her about 20 times. While I am so far enjoying my solitude and relaxation, I’m not sure I can make it the full 10 days we agreed upon. I just might have to hop in my car and retrieve her soon—if she can drag herself away from park long enough to notice me!

My Brownie troop is almost finished for the year. It has been fun, but so crazy. I received an award last week for Outstanding Leader. I’m pretty sure it was just because I was the only one willing to take the entire 1st grade troop of 24 girls, but it’s nice anyway. We have one more meeting left—a parents’ party.

For our final activity we are “camping in” at my house to earn an outdoor badge. I thought that was much better than actually sleeping outside in a tent. We’ll cook on a fire, pitch tents, “hike” through my neighborhood, and sleep inside where it’s nice and cozy!

In case you missed it, I was on CBS Evening News last night. I got about 2 of my “15 minutes” in.  View the video or read the article at CBS Evening News.

“I smile because you’re my sister. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” ~Unknown

Happy Birthday, sis!

There is apparently a new required element to children’s entertainment. One main character must lose another main character at the start of each show. Blue hides from Steve/Joe. Dora always needs help finding Boots. JoJo can never seem to find Goliath.

This week I’ve been watching Brenia’s new favorite show—The Doodlebops. The trend appears to have reached Canada as well. DeeDee and Rooney ask for help searching for Moe every single morning.

And I’m just too tired to help them look.

There’s not much to write about here right now. It’s pretty much all puking all the time, and who wants to hear about that every day. There is something on our 2nd floor that makes me gag, but no one else can smell it. I can crave something like crazy one day, and it will make me throw up the next. Take apples, for example. I have been craving green apples and eating them every day. Then one day, I suddenly started throwing up every apple I eat. Yet, I still want the apples. Makes no sense.

I guess it’s a good thing the girls keep eating all my apples. If making me sick doesn’t keep me away from apples, not having any sure will.

My kids are grazers. They eat pretty much nonstop. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack between each meal. These girls know no hunger. This was made clear last night with my 2-year-old’s first ever tummy ache. It was dinnertime, and she was crying “tummy hurt. tummy hurt.” The poor child was in tears, and Mommy and Daddy were clueless. Finally, I made her sit down with her dinner and told her to try to eat.

Pain gone. Hunger fed.

Apparently, when I sat pretzels down for the girls at snacktime Brenia thought it was funnier to dump hers upside down rather than eat them. Stacia, of course, never tells me she didn’t eat because that just means more for her. No snack=very hungry girl. I honestly think this was the first time since infancy that the child has felt hunger pains. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Spencer and I have an arrangement on the weekends. He gets up with the girls on Saturday; I wake up with the girls on Sunday. It is supposed to be nice and relaxing for the other parent to sleep in on their “day off.” Yet every Saturday goes exactly like this:

Brenia: Hi, Mommy.
Me: Go see your daddy.
Brenia: Daddy nigh-nigh.
Me: I know Daddy’s nigh-nigh. So is Mommy. Go wake your daddy.
Enter Stacia.
Stacia: Morning, Mommy.
Me: Get your daddy.
Stacia: Daddy’s asleep.
Me: So am I.
Stacia: No you’re not. I saw your eyes open.
Me: It’s Saturday. Daddy wakes up on Saturday.
Stacia: Come on, Brenia. Let’s go play in my room.
Me: Spencer, the girls are up.
Spencer: grrr. zzzzzzzzzzz